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Christmas In My Mind

Apparalang, bulukumba. Taken by Jeni Karay

Because I’ve learnt this year that not all journeys lead to grand castles or golden halls and not all quests result in glitz and glamour. Sometimes the end of an era, the end of a lifelong pursuit, the end of perhaps something that is all we’ve ever known ends here. And here could be somewhere we never thought we’d ever be. Perhaps, maybe alone on Christmas Eve in an office building or maybe in front of a stable like the wisemen of old who set out for the King of kings and found a broken down shed. Maybe your whole journey this past year has led you to this dark, dreary manger and all the while you were expecting a castle.

Christmas reminds us that there’s always hope even in all our failed pursuit or shortcomings. No matter who you are and where you end up finishing this year, if you find yourself before your manger – dissapointed, discouraged and disheartened at the end of what seemed a pointless journey, may you find Jesus within the stables of life. Because there is always hope, and there is always a new dream, and there is always a new path as long as you can muster what you have and offer it to Him. I have learnt and am continuing to learn this, here in the stables of life.


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