Percaya di Saat Orang Lain Menyangsikan

Yakin sementara orang lain bimbang. Merencanakan sementara orang lain bermain. Belajar sementara orang lain tidur. Memutuskan sementara orang lain menunda. Bersiap sementara orang lain melamun. Memulai sementara orang lain berleha-leha. Bekerja sementara orang lain berandai-andai. Menghemat sementara orang lain memboroskan. Mendengar sementara orang laim berbicara. Tersenyum sementara orang lain cemberut. Memuji sementara orang lain mencela. …

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Don’t Be Proud of Your Busyness

Picture this. You walk into a corporate office, a maze of cubicles and conference rooms. In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, the cubicles are full of gravely serious employees, staring at balance sheets and engaged in low-toned telephone conversations. Their shoulders slump under a burden of worry, the weight of a company’s performance resting …

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4 Things That Can Make You a More Inspiring Leader

  Most bosses worry about how they’re perceived by their employees. Are they too nice? Too strict? Overbearing? Passive-aggressive? Thankfully, if managers sense that something’s off, these things seem relatively straightforward to correct: There are prescribed strategies for becoming a fair, attentive, not-too-nice-but-not-too-mean boss. But being inspiring is a different story. It’s a trait that …

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What Consultants Do

Consulting is one of the most nebulous fields out there. The big firms — Bain, McKinsey, Deloitte, and others — are well known, but few people seem to have a basic understanding of what, exactly, it is that consultants do all day. To find out, we talked to Tim Tierney, a third-year consultant at Deloitte …

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Stop People from Wasting Your Time – Dorie Clark – Harvard Business Review

We’re all too busy, spending our days in back-to-back meetings and our nights feverishly responding to emails. (Adam Grant, a famously responsive Wharton professor, told me that on an “average day” he’ll spend 3-4 hours answering messages.) That’s why people who waste our time have become the scourge of modern business life, hampering our productivity …

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