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You Are Powerful

If you want to do anything just about anything, you can. Your life and circumtances, in this current moment,do not define who you are. You are more than your circumtances and you are more than your past. You are not broken.You are fully capable and functioning woman of beauty and power. Think about what you …

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Pagi dan Aku

Tersenyum simpul memundak harap Pagi masih muda, dapur mengepul Rapih melangkah menggapai masa Cita kutitip dalam jiwa,doa kuayunkan bersama langkah kaki Jiwa tersenyum,polos bersama kawan sebangku Kelas menanti, Guru tersenyum, aku siap Mari membuka harap dalam lembar Melawan malas, melawan kemiskinan Duduk manis meresap ilmu Semoga kelak aku membanggakanmu, hai Ayah dan Ibu

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Love Me Conditionally.

Make me a promise, dear lover. Promise me that you will never accept less than you know I am capable of. When we met, you saw something in me that spoke to you, that called you to me and kindled your lonely heart, soothed your restless insecurities, and allayed your clamoring fears. I saw the …

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Be Courageous

Rosa Parks (1913-2005) was the unknown seamstress who started the modern American Civil Rights Movement. On December 1, 1955, in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, she refused to move to the back of the bus after a white man got on board and wanted to sit in a front seat. Rosa’s mother believed “you should …

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