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Naik Kelas

Sama halnya naik kelas dalam dunia akademik. Begitu juga dalam kehidupan. Manusia selalu memiliki saat dimana ia harus naik kelas. Dari tidak bisa berjalan kemudian dapat berjalan. Dari berjalan kemudian belajar berlalu. Lalu terbang. Ketika naik kelas, ada saja kesusahan. Saya menyebutnya dengan kata yang halus: ujian. Jeni Karay Ketika naik kelas, ada saja kesusahan. …

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Made For Life

I’ve heard that ships weren’t built to be housed in harbour. So look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you weren’t designed for adventure. I know it’s scary, but think about your passions and your desires and your longings. Weren’t you made to go just a little farther than your fear suggests? Living  a …

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It’s Like That With Life

I think this is when most people give up on their stories. They come out of college wanting to change the world, wanting to get married, wanting to have kids and change the way people buy office supplies. But they get into the middle and discover it was harder than they thought. They can’t see …

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Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,  I hope that today you are the person you always set out to be. I hope you accomplished everything that they said you could never do. How many lives do you change in a day? Do you speak out for what is right, or sit there regretting your silence? I hope you …

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No, Everything Does Not Happen for a Reason

We don’t have to figure out the purpose for our pain, but we do follow a God who meets us in it. We’ve all received that phrase “everything happens for a reason” personally gift-wrapped by well-meaning friends, caring loved ones and kind strangers. It usually comes delivered with the most beautiful of intentions, a buffer of hope raised …

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