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5 Things to Do While You Wait on God

Your life may not yet look like you’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t still at work. I may not know you, but I know this one thing: You’re waiting on something. And sometimes, the struggle of waiting for the unknown can feel overwhelming. I myself am currently in a stage of waiting—asking God …

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Spirit of Gratitude

Gratitude has been described as the healthiest of all human emotions. Think about it: if you live with a grateful heart, if you live with praise and thanksgiving to God, it counteracts any toxic, negative emotions in your life. It elevates your spirit! Any time I start feeling down, depleted, and tired, do you know …

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Why Christian Women Need to Stop Waiting on Men

Churches should encourage both men and women to take responsibility for their relationships. I recently did a dating Q&A online, and out of the hundreds of questions submitted, I started noticing a theme that made me sad. Question after question, I was hearing from women with similar concerns. Questions like: Why do men expect so …

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