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Love Letter (993)

Can you love me at my worst the way you do at my best? Can you love me through the difficulty, helping me to trust the human soul once again, encouraging my independence, delighting in my joy and not be threatened? I will, for you. Can you for me? -ElephantJournal

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Just Be Here

None of us can know what tommorow will bring; the present is all we have, if only for a fleeting moment. Stop over-thinking. Stop worrying. Stop living in the past. Just be here. Notice everything you have in this moment, because this moment is pretty darn great. ~elephantjournal #traveler #onduty #lovelyjob #happyday #hectic #KTI #manokwari …

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Sense of Travel

Travel, like all great adventures comes with a price. Missed flights, lost luggage, and broken hearts. We come home, clinging to whatever memories we have left. My dear sole sister once wrote why travelers are drawn to sunsets. We drive for miles and hike up mountains just to experience it from the best perpective. We …

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