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Sense of Travel

Travel, like all great adventures comes with a price. Missed flights, lost luggage, and broken hearts. We come home, clinging to whatever memories we have left. My dear sole sister once wrote why travelers are drawn to sunsets. We drive for miles and hike up mountains just to experience it from the best perpective. We …

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Guard Your Spirit

[youtube] Do you realise that your spirit is your responsibility? Proverbs 25:28 says, Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls. The Bible likens the person who does not control their own spirit as being like a city with walls that have tumbled down. That makes …

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Don’t Be Proud of Your Busyness

Picture this. You walk into a corporate office, a maze of cubicles and conference rooms. In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, the cubicles are full of gravely serious employees, staring at balance sheets and engaged in low-toned telephone conversations. Their shoulders slump under a burden of worry, the weight of a company’s performance resting …

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How to Become a Better Musician

1. Welcome feedback Those that listen to you sing or play will be listening from another perspective and may be hearing something different to what you hear. In fact, they might hear something you’re not hearing at all. They may make suggestions in order to aid the context you’re working in. It’s important to welcome …

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