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Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,  I hope that today you are the person you always set out to be. I hope you accomplished everything that they said you could never do. How many lives do you change in a day? Do you speak out for what is right, or sit there regretting your silence? I hope you …

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Menenangkan Rindu

Warna yang sama bisa tampak sunyi dan riang sekaligus. Langit paham hal-hal semacam itu. Kata-katamu bicara terlalu banyak tapi tidak pernah cukup. Langit selalu cukup dengan cuaca dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan. Jangan percaya pada ksrtupos dan kamera seorang petualang. Menyelamlah ke ingatannya dan temukan senja selalu basah di sana. Kau hanya boleh jatuh cinta kepada ingatan yang …

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You Are Powerful

If you want to do anything just about anything, you can. Your life and circumtances, in this current moment,do not define who you are. You are more than your circumtances and you are more than your past. You are not broken.You are fully capable and functioning woman of beauty and power. Think about what you …

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Love Letter (993)

Can you love me at my worst the way you do at my best? Can you love me through the difficulty, helping me to trust the human soul once again, encouraging my independence, delighting in my joy and not be threatened? I will, for you. Can you for me? -ElephantJournal

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